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Can I Thwipp It?

Mar 11, 2018

We are back and this week there is a sound in the wall.  The walls are talking to us and making us talkative.  This week, "New Books" becomes the episode.  This week our new books are so good that we talk for almost 2 hours about 'em!! 

New Books: 


1. Venom 162 Poison-X Part 3

2. X-Men Blue #22 Part 4

3. Venom #163 Part 5


1. Infinity Countdown #1

2. Amazing Spider-Man #797

Also we tangent hard!!! Hear about Manus' love of Hostess, Beasts forms, the amazing song "Grab Them Cakes" by Junkyard Dog, the Shazam! movie, the baby soft skin of Wolverine so much more on this weeks Giant Size episode of Can I Thwipp it!! 

7 weeks till Infinity War!! 

Beast Article: