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Can I Thwipp It?

Aug 10, 2018

We're florkin' back Thwippers!! Another week of books, and bEntertainment news.  Also the boys pitch a new TV show idea "Shmuel the Mohel," it's pretty funny.  Also, this weeks cover was inspired by the triumphant return of Marvel's first family. 

This weeks new books:

1. Superman #2 (Manus)

2. Exiles #6 (Eli) 

3. Amazing Spider-Man #3 (Manus) 

4. Sandman Universe #1 (Eli)  

5. Death or Glory #4 (Manus) 

6. Fantastic Four #1 (Eli & Manus) 

Then we get into the amazing news that Patrick Stewart is returning to the Captains Chair! We also chat about Teen Titans Go: To the Movies. All this and the big question "Can I Thwipp It?!?!?"