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Can I Thwipp It?

Nov 17, 2018

This week we give credit where credit is due.  This week we honor Stan "The Man" Lee.  Stan and his Amazing Friends! 

This ep we really get into some history.  We took notes, this is the real history of Stan and you can't get into that history without talking about Jack and Steve.  We really got deep into the relationship between Stan and Steve Ditko and the belief structure of Ditko's Objectivism. We also reflect on Lee by decade and talk cameos and what Stan's legacy is in the world of comics. 

Then we look into the Captain Marvel prelude. 

This ep' we feature Manus' song Betty (feat. 56xansaintcool)

Much love to Stan and his family and his memory. He was the face and voice of marvel but he was not the look. He helped shape a world and how we heard it but it was Jack and Steven And JR etc that crafted the visual style that is equally as amazing.  Thanks Stan and thanks to your Amazing Friends. 

This amazing video helped us get to know Steve Ditko very well, it's called "Why Steve Ditko Quit":

Check out all Stans Cameos here: