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Can I Thwipp It?

May 6, 2019

The Thwipp It Boys make their triumphant return!!!  It's been a few months but Manus and Eli return to cover the End of Games, Live in person at what used to be up state New York and Avengers mansion. 

This episode the boys recap all their adventures during the break and then go deep into new books, natch'!

Batman vs. TMNT III #1

Savage Avengers

Manus' mad stax! 

Also Eli tells us about all the old books he got a Joseph Koch's Comic Book Warehouse in Brooklyn.  Photo's below. 

As we record a savage battle wages topside (we record in the Avengers underground podcast lair), we manage to give our opinions on the documentary film Avengers Endgame (or as eli says En Gáme) and give a rundown of the MCU in general.  

Then we blast into Manus' hit single "Shire Party" DIG IT!! 

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