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Can I Thwipp It?

May 13, 2019

This week we got to check out Neil Adams Crusty Bunkers Comic book shop in Burbank and wow, what a great place.  We got a ton of books and even chatted with Eric who runs the joint, check it all out!! 

Tons of amazing comics to talk about this week!! 

Eli got some Continuity Comics

Manus got into his "Huge pile." 

1. Silencer

2. Green Lantern

Eli’s New

1. DCeased

Then we got to the Crusty Bunkers interview.  We had a little feedback issue but I edited it a bit. 

Then Eli got into some more of his Old Books

1. The Comico Black Book

2. Batman/TMNT III #1 ReCap

3. Spawn #296

4. Love & Rockets #2

Then we talk about how Manus Spazzed at The Jungle again

Then we watched the Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer and talk about Dark Phoenix and all the Steves in Time.

Then we blast Manus new banger "Can’t Realate!" 

Then it's over.