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Can I Thwipp It?

May 22, 2018

In this amazing episode we get to sit down with comic LEGEND Matt Wagner.  We drove to Collectors Paradise in Pasadena for a signing and hung out with Matt and picked his brain about some of our favorite books of his. We also heard some amazing stories about his life in comics and about what Mage means to him. 


Later, in Manus' lair, we were joined by by Leon Makes Wavs for the duration of the cast, it was fite.   Also, to check out the video from this weeks ep click here! 

Matt books

The Demon #1

Mage #15

DHP #45 The Aerialist

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 1

New Books: 

Infinity Countdown #3

Avengers #1

Kick Ass #5

X-Men / Teen Titans Marvel/DC