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Can I Thwipp It?

Dec 10, 2019

Welcome back!! This week we are out and about! Thwippin' it in public...for ALL TO SEE...clad in VINTEE...check it.. 

This week we stop by Alternate Universe to wish Chris well at his 5 Year Anniversary party and check out a hidden treasure trove of Marvel Universe figs. Then we battle with getting dinner for like....3...

Nov 18, 2019

We are finally back and there is a lot to talk about.  Manus first brought Eli into his Vintee-T showroom and he was blown away. Tons of comics to chat about and also...THE MANDALORIAN!!

Huge releases this month as well.  Huge books in the world of Grendel and Spider-Man. We had to go over them but man, do we get lost...

Sep 30, 2019

This week Eli received a pallet of all the crap from his childhood bedroom. Comics, books and Vintage Tees. Manus wants to buy them...but for how much?  Find out this week... 

Tons of new books this week but we go hard into Absolute Carnage #3 and Venom #18. 

Recommended reads: 

House/Powers of X

Star Trek Year Five


Sep 2, 2019

This week we got to meet the creative team behind "Drawing Blood" and we dive back into "Absolute Carnage," and all the wild Knulled Out Symbos! Dive in, cause COMIX ARE TIGHT!! Recorded on the birthday of Jack "The King" Kirby!! 


Another great week with tons of great books! 

We talk about our day meeting Kevin...

Aug 18, 2019

Forever together, Forever together CARNAGE IS COMING!!! Manus joins the Cult of Carnage this week and things get all Knulled out. Knulled out Symbos everywhere!!! 

This week all praise is due to our lord and savior Carnage and his disciples Ryan Stegman and Donny Cates. WE go deep into the history of Carnage and Cletus...